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Looking for the Fiber-y Stuff?  Please see Fiber Arts Republic.  A link to my Schedule is here - Fiber and Cat shows together!

That will leave more room here to talk about the horses and the cats and the personal fiber projects!  AND post all sorts of pictures!

We’re at 9 cats.    Yes, that's two more than last time.   Buddy the Explorer and Corky the Cuddler joined us from Joan McGrath's crew.  The two of them think they're brothers.

GUMDROP has accomplished her goal of not only getting her Supreme Title and Regional Win, but has been awarded her International Win! 
And San Gabriel Simone got her Quad Grand Title and Regional Win
Not to be left out, Corky and Buddy felt they needed TICA wins - so they both got Regional Wins!

Here's GUMDROP's
Georgetown View regional magazine in the March issue from a few years back.

Still at two horses.  Kaylee, the Shire-cross draft mare IS a true partner, and we've gotten back to regular lessons (barring weather delays and such).  We are now settled into weekly lessons with Paula Jones of Grace Riding Stables.  We even entered a dressage show, riding two tests, and ended up FIRST in one divison and SECOND in the other!  This was just Intro/Walk/Trot, but still good for me!  I'm still working mostly on me riding Kaylee of course!  Sierra, the Mustang mare, is still Boss Mare.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to shop via FIBER ARTS REPUBLIC and email at any time!  Fiber Arts Republic also had press in the Georgetown View in the January issue.  The fibers and yarns ARE LISTED THERE, with more coming every day.  It is also featured on the Facebook Fan Page .  If you haven't fanned my FB page yet, I'd appreciate it!


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