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I'm Happy to be Celebrating our 25th Year in Business!

Looking for the Yarn and Fiber?  Please see Fiber Arts Republic.  A link to my Show Schedule is here!

New Links for the Fire Ant Ranch Designs and Personal Fiber Projects/Available Finished goods (coming soon)!

The horses and the cats have their brag pages too of course.  AND all sorts of pictures will be posted too!

Weíre down to 7 cats.    Lost two of our oldsters, White E Bob and sweet Dusty. 

We still have Boudreaux, Schiffer, Olive Oyl, Gumdrop (our International Winner), Simone, Buddy and Corky.

Here's GUMDROP's Georgetown View regional magazine from her Show Days a few years back.

Still at two horses.  Kaylee, the Shire-cross draft mare IS a true partner, and we now have a CTDS Championship under our belts - it's only for Intro, but dang it, I got a championship saddle pad out of it!

I'm still working on my riding of course (always the rider's problem, right?) - and we're working on First Level these days!  Sierra, the Mustang mare at 24 is pretty much a pasture pet, but still rideable, AND is still Boss Mare.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to shop via FIBER ARTS REPUBLIC for the Yarn and Fiber, and email at any time! 

Fiber Arts Republic also had press in the Georgetown View in the Past Several Years.  You may also shop for Yarn and Fiber directly on the Facebook Fan Page, and of course, at shows.  If you haven't fanned my FB page yet, I'd appreciate it!

 Don't forget the Cat in my Knitting Blog!