Custom Kilt Hose

YES, I still am knitting custom kilt hose, although on a more limited basis, and will be taking reservations for them on a semi-schedule.

Demand is still extremely high, even though I’ve had to raise the price for the 4th time -  in 30 years ($155/pair for custom knit hose).

I am also NO LONG OFFERING color matching.  You will get the traditional natural white – that’s it.  There are so many variations and interpretations  of colors that is it just better all around to offer the traditional natural white.  Period :). 

KILT HOSE are the traditional knee-length stocking worn with the Scottish Mens' Kilt. They are most often seen in the natural white color of the wool and usually have a heavily patterned cuff and a ribbed leg. A dress form of the kilt hose usually does not have a cuffed top, but rather a shaped upper edge and decorative tied garters.

The best hose are knit by hand to the wearer's exact leg shape. This is what makes them stay up, rather than the garters with which they are traditionally worn. The custom fit also means that the hose are extremely comfortable to the wearer because there is no pulling or binding, especially in the foot. Since they are made of wool, they are comfortable to wear in any season as wool breathes and absorbs moisture.

The book, Designs for Knitting Kilt Hose and Knickerbocker Stockings, by Veronica Gainford, is used as a guide to construction and stitch patterns for the hose. This book is THE classic.  There are 3 turnover tops and 2 straight (crown & castellated).

Hose can be ready within approximately 4-6 weeks if ordered within the scheduled “work window”. 

            I promise that the hose ARE worth the wait and the $155 per pair. 

These are hand knit, custom-sized to your measurements.  They last for a very long time with proper care.

Hose are offered in sport/ weight yarn only:  not as thick or heavy as worsted weight yarn, but not as thin as commercial sock yarn. You get the look of a heavy Scottish stocking without the weight and extreme warmth. The hose will be comfortable in all seasons and fit in virtually any shoe.  See below for information on ordering.


                                          They come in NO CUFF (Crown and Castellated)                                           

Or CUFFED (Honeycomb, Horseshoe, Ian MacKenzie's) 



Then, of course, you need to pick the Leg Rib Patterns  (Twisted Cable, Tulip, Sugar Cane)

These would also serve nicely as Cuffed Tops.

Twined Cable Rib is the MOST popular :).

Please contact me if you are interested in ordering a pair and I will send you instructions for measurement and the deposit requirement.