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Welcome to Our Place!          Latest Georgetown, Texas, weather

We've been living at our little ranchito in Georgetown since 2007 now.  We like it here :)

New stories and links for personal fiber projects, home & farm projects and other stuff will be up here soon.
New! features pictures of hand spun yarn on the Correira cats (really), for amusement and sale - OF THE YARN :)

The horses, Kaylee the Shire draft mare and Sierra, the Mustang have their brag page as do  the cats
We are holding steady at 7 cats:   Boudreaux, Schiffer, Olive Oyl, Gumdrop Simone, Buddy and Corky.
Here's GUMDROP's Georgetown View regional magazine from her Show Days a few years back.

I'm still working on my riding of course (always the rider's problem, right?) - and we're working on First Level these days! 

Sierra, the Mustang mare at 24 is pretty much a pasture pet, but still rideable, AND is still Boss Mare. 

Fire Ant Ranch (as Fiber Arts Republic) also had press in the Georgetown View in the Past Several Years

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 Don't forget the Cat in my Knitting Blog!