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  Trunk Shows, Retreats, Workshops 2021

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So after 2020, the Show Year that Wasn't, I've decided to shift gears again and go full on web & private shows only.

NO this is not retirement, not really.  But I'd like to explore more artistic fiber pursuits again and not be "just a vendor". 
Yes, I've heard that phrase before and I don't like it.  There is a lot that goes into dyeing yarn and fiber.

I would like to do more weaving and construction of finished pretty things.  I'll always do some fiber and yarn.

And given that we still don't know what 2021 is going to shape up like, this page will probably stay a bit empty.
At least for a while.

I DO intend to do some traveling this year.  I miss what were the side trips associated with
Fiber Arts Shows.  I would like to enjoy the side trips as full trips I can relax into rather than tack them on.

So have a look at what I put up on the yarn and fiber pages and my workshop offerings and let me know!
I'll try to give you a heads up as to when I might be in your area too.  And let's have the trunk shows and workshops
Be the side trips rather than the other way around!  I'll still give you my all!